“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” -Netflix’s acquisition of Roald Dahl.

If all of the stories we know become rebranded by the same company, how long before we get bored of being told the same story in different ways?

The Pursuit of Passion – a radio documentary

Do you ever feel like you’re just floating along the river of life, that something might be missing?

Do you crave a job that speaks to your natural interests and fulfills you, but you feel as if you wouldn’t know where to start looking?

Education, misconceptions of “passion” and social pressures have made it increasingly difficult for people to understand their authentic self and therefore, to understand what will offer them the most satisfaction in life.

Gatland names most balanced squad yet for his fourth lions tour

Article from 7/5/21 – Image by hirobi from Pixabay – Yesterday, British and Irish lions head coach, Warren Gatland named his 37 man squad to travel to South Africa this summer for a three test series against the world champions. There was sure to be many surprised faces yesterday among the many players, pundits and fans who attempted toContinue reading “Gatland names most balanced squad yet for his fourth lions tour”

Both Waterford and Luis Figo will always remember John O’ Shea

Image by Kelvin Stuttard from Pixabay Today, April 23rd, marks the 18 year anniversary of John O’ Shea managing to slip the ball between the legs of the legendary Luis Figo. A player of Figo’s status may have expected something like this from one of the more flamboyant players in La Liga, but from a humble man from Waterford,Continue reading “Both Waterford and Luis Figo will always remember John O’ Shea”

The Sopranos

Image by HOerwin56 from Pixabay Having recently finished my first ever viewing of The Sopranos, it’s now perfectly clear to me why it’s been called “the show that changed TV”. The series tells an incredibly unique story which follows the life of arguably the most iconic antihero in TV history and concludes with a finaleContinue reading “The Sopranos”

Top 5 rugby players who never won a world cup

Image by Monica Volpin from Pixabay The Rugby World Cup is the biggest stage in the game. Over the years, players have earned themselves a place in the history books by producing magic moments when it mattered most. It’s interesting to note however, that while so many greats of the game will cement their legacyContinue reading “Top 5 rugby players who never won a world cup”

The world of Ice and Fire is more than the ending of Game of Thrones

Image by axelsteven2000, pixabay The final days of game of thrones couldn’t but leave a stain on the legacy of the former phenomenon. Although completely deserved, it’s also extremely unfortunate. It seems that now whenever we bring ourselves talk about Game of Thrones, all we can talk about is the final season. We seem toContinue reading “The world of Ice and Fire is more than the ending of Game of Thrones”

It all begins and ends with the blues

Featured Image by Méline Waxx from Pexels When it comes to the journey of evolution behind the modern music we have today, the blues is arguably the most important style of music. It’s one thing for a genre to have been around before the music industry really took off commercially, but the blues genre actually proceeds the recordedContinue reading “It all begins and ends with the blues”

Lies and Manipulation, Big Tech don’t play by our rules

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities” – Voltaire. Credit of featured image: geralt/22569 images, pixabay Generation Z, the demographic cohort succeeding millennials, are the first generation to not have experienced life before the arrival of the internet and widespread access to portable digital technology at a young age. DaysContinue reading “Lies and Manipulation, Big Tech don’t play by our rules”

Donut Economics

credit of featured image: siberian_beard on pixabay (https://pixabay.com/users/siberian_beard-207105/) Economies have traditionally focused on obtaining economic growth. Across the last number of decades however, we’ve come to realise that if we revolve our societies around concepts which don’t consider the natural world, these societies will face ecological collapse, which will subsequently mean the end of ourContinue reading “Donut Economics”

My Top 5 Quentin Tarantino films

Credit of featured image: Victoria Borodinova/ 5399 on Pixabay – https://pixabay.com/illustrations/tarantino-celebrity-director-people-3180248/ Quentin Tarantino is up there among the most popular living directors in the world. While some have called him the king of dialogue, there’s plenty more things to expect when you sit down to watch a Tarantino film. You know you’ll be entertained withContinue reading “My Top 5 Quentin Tarantino films”

My Italian Experience: The highs, lows, and lessons of a first time living abroad.

Credit of featured image: stex1967 –https://pixabay.com/photos/genoa-liguria-tourism-city-scenic-4389892 Before moving abroad to a new country, one is usually aware of certain aspects of unfamiliar culture and language barriers they’ll have to deal with when they arrive. What I found however, was that the toughest parts of living in a new country for the first time were challengesContinue reading “My Italian Experience: The highs, lows, and lessons of a first time living abroad.”

Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

Credit of featured image: Penguin Books USA Start With Why by Simon Sinek is one of the most influential pieces of work I’ve ever come across in my life. I’d highly recommend it for anybody, but for people out there that are looking to either be inspired or to inspire others, this is an absoluteContinue reading “Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action”

Social Justice Ireland call for a new social dialogue

Credit of featured image: Social Justice Ireland on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SocialJusticeI/ Social Justice Ireland (SJI) have expressed their disappointment with recent government activity, particularly with the decision not to increase core social welfare rates in Budget 2021. A survey on income and living conditions published by the CSO on the 27th October last year revealed thatContinue reading “Social Justice Ireland call for a new social dialogue”

Pandemics, Big Data and Empty Venues.. What Happens if the Music Stops?

Credit of featured image: Hayley K. Stuart photography- https://hayleykstuartphotography.format.com/ The reality of the musician’s trade in 2020 with Crome Yellow’s Adam Doheny. If you’re a musician in today’s world then you already had a mountain to climb. Today’s streaming era means that it’s unrealistic for anyone to want to pursue music full-time. Perhaps a bitterContinue reading “Pandemics, Big Data and Empty Venues.. What Happens if the Music Stops?”

Is Social Media changing our perception of Music?

Credit of featured image: geralt / 22558 images on pixabay. https://pixabay.com/illustrations/social-media-interaction-woman-1233873/ Something that’s common to each generation is the reluctance of previous generations to praise or sometimes even accept the music of current generations, “they don’t make them like they used to” they say as they struggle to comprehend whatever the kids are listening to.Continue reading “Is Social Media changing our perception of Music?”

What socio-political difficulties do mass media face in reporting reality?

Credit of featured Image: Mikes-Photography / 1045 images, pixabay. As part of my current master’s program, I had to answer this question. With the help of relevant readings and some sensational films, I tried to offer a unique insight into the world of journalism……

Bond. James Bond

Credit of featured image: Sandid on pixabay – https://pixabay.com/photos/newspaper-adverts-advertisement-434323/ This was the legendary self-introduction which introduced one of the most iconic characters of all time to the world. The man behind them was both a proud Scotsman and an era-defining star who always rocked an aura of charm. During his life he thrilled fans aroundContinue reading “Bond. James Bond”

Covid gives us a chance to reimagine our cities

Credit of featured image: maebh – https://pixabay.com/photos/dublin-luas-transport-sunset-4059919/) It’s about time we recognized one of the opportunities that Covid presents to us. The spread of Covid–19 around the world meant that millions of employees had to pack up their desk and begin work from home. As bad as this initially was for those who consider themselvesContinue reading “Covid gives us a chance to reimagine our cities”

Cartoon Saloon’s “Wolfwalkers” hits Apple TV

Credit of featured image: Cartoon Saloon animation studio The following news article was written on the 11th December 2020 The latest animated feature film from Kilkenny-based animation studio Cartoon Saloon has recently charted as the no.1 film at the Irish box office and reached 3rd overall in UK/Ireland.  Wolfwalkers has received rave reviews since itsContinue reading “Cartoon Saloon’s “Wolfwalkers” hits Apple TV”

The “Rumble in the Jungle”, today in 1974.

Credit of featured image: anonymous source On this day in 1974 in what was then the Republic of Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Muhammad Ali came in as 4-1 underdog and defeated world heavyweight champion George Foreman by knockout in the eight round of the fight that was known as the “RumbleContinue reading “The “Rumble in the Jungle”, today in 1974.”

SVP Ireland launches new and innovative December Appeal

Credit of featured image: svp.ie The following news article was written on the 4th December 2020: SVP Ireland recently launched their annual December appeal, “impossible choices” in order to support those in need this Christmas. In response to covid-19, this year’s appeal has been reimagined with a much more virtual approach. Contactless donations can nowContinue reading “SVP Ireland launches new and innovative December Appeal”