Short Radio Documentary

Credit of featured image: Free-Photos/ 9086 images on Pixabay

As part of my current masters programme in radio and tv journalism, I was tasked with producing a short radio documentary for an assignment for our radio production module.

Due to the current covid-19 restrictions, we were unable to meet up with potential guests or record the documentary in a unique/specific location which posed some challenges. The topic of the documentary needed to be something which would you allow me to include the use of other voices and use their knowledge, all from my own home.

Since our ability to travel is currently restricted, I decided to create a piece which dealt with stories, experiences and nostalgia from travelling to different parts of the world and how they can impact one’s life.

I interviewed my parents.

This radio documentary is for noncommercial use only. All audio material and sound effects were acquired via royalty free sources

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